LIFT SUB Lift Subs come with 18° neck and are used to safely maneuver heavy tools such as; Drill collars, drill pipe, and other drill stem components around the rig floor.


DCP’s crossover subs come with any rotary connection needed, either API Spec7 or premium.
Crossovers ID run with smaller connections, they are used to increase or decrease the drill string sizes.
BIT SUBS DCP’S bit subs are used to offer a more cost effective option in protecting the bit on the reservoir drill string.
INTEGRAL PUP JOINTS (DRILL STEM ELEVATOR) DCP offers their drill stem elevators from 5’ thru 20’, with 18° neck and body to run with diameter of drill pipe used. Available in both S135 and G105 grades.
DRILL COLLARS DCP’s drill collars are available in slick and spiral types.
REAMERS DCP’s reamers are available in standard sizes. Reamers are used to open up the well bore hole to a larger diameter and to extend life of the drill bit.
SIDE-ENTRY SUBS DCP’s integral side-entry subs allow smart tools to enter the drill string through its side connections; it also allows adding, removing, raising, or lowering the drill pipe. Side entry-subs port connections matches the drill pipe in the string line.

DCP offers smart tools used to record data from the borehole during operations. The data is then transferred wirelessly to a remote location.

All DCP’s drilling tools are manufactured with domestic 4145M steel and come complete with all stress relief features, cold work thread roots, and complete phosphate. Each comes with serial numbers reflecting all certification to ensure full traceability.

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